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To our Spirit Family:

Many of you have already requested Heart Activation through Circle of Light and these Activations are in process. For you, and for those who have not yet chosen to request this, we would like to share the following additional  information about the importance of Heart Activation, received in a Message from Jeshua by Yael recently.  Jeshua shows us the deeper, grander implications of Heart Activation and why this has been given to Circle of Light as our assignment with highest priority.

Background:  For many years the Messages from God have assured us that our life on Earth is not “personal.” Those who are spiritual workers came here voluntarily on assignment – to live human lives, to experience all of the threads of “anti-Love, not Love” active in Earth life and to return all of these patterns of the ego/little mind back to God, back to Love. This is the transformation process we have all been experiencing as we return this world to Love and only Love.

Many so-called LightWorkers have lived very difficult and tumultuous lives while carrying out this task. We have also seen how more and more aspects of Earth life have come to public revelation to be cleared and transformed. This process is coming to completion as the Love blanketing the Earth now opens more and more hearts and brings to the surface the remaining aspects of life that will be transformed.  Jeshua in this Message explains the purpose of activating the spark of the heart center and how this is a continuation of the assignment we undertook when we came to Earth.

From the Message of Jeshua (Jesus):

“There is so much power and so much Light coming into the world right now that it is imperative that we have in place those who can be literal transformers, and can bring this resonance of pure God, of the limitless heart of indescribable Love into the world in a way that makes it available to those who are focused here.

“Our goal is every person. Of course, it has to be. And yet, as you already know there is no separation between you. What this is, is a lifting into the vibration of Love of the whole of humankind through the vehicles of the hearts that are willing to be this portal, this doorway

“In this year there shall be a dramatic shift in the vibration of the world, in the availability of hearts to accept this Love – an expanding of the consciousness that allows hope to bloom again, that restores faith in God to the center of every person. There is an acceptance of the shift out of fear into trust and into the resonance of the pure delight that God is, the held breath of anticipation of what this Creation shall be.

“The Light of God is impinging on the illusion now and as the increase comes, it will be unavoidable. It will be impossible to resist that rushing river of the Creator’s Love. It will be impossible to keep the eyes of the consciousness shut when the Light is so powerful, and yet…from this point to the fulfillment of this shift must come the weaving together of the life experiences and the symbols of the current world of humanity, moving into the world of Love.

“This is what we are bridging now with the Heart Activation. We are opening the single eye of perception in every heart that we possibly can, regardless of the ability for this to be translated by the ego. The trust in Love is the greatest gift that a heart can offer at this time, and that trust, that “Yes” is what we are given when a person signs up for this Activation. They are grabbing that golden ring of trust in our Creator by saying “Yes” to something that speaks so deeply to their hearts, yet may not be decipherable by the mind.

“This is why we are asking for permission, in essence. We are asking to make this connection with the whole person as they are expressing on every level of their being, including the expression in the ego world. This is so that the affirmative, the “Yes” and the opening, the trust can be the bridge to everything that each person has touched, has experienced, can acknowledge, relate to in any way in the field of resonant interaction.

“The activated heart makes available a very different life than what has been being lived. The request in this situation is very important. It is the statement of the willingness to awaken and to remember. It is required in order that each person can be a bridge to all they have experienced to every similar resonance in the world.

“This is something I ask you to make clear…that Heart Activation is much, much, much more than personal. It is about being willing to be the Heart of Transformation, being willing to let the activated heart flow through the life and the ego identity and lift it up once again in the Now Moment, releasing the perception of duality, releasing all the experiences of being a limited human and allowing the heart to entrain each one and with it, every like resonance in the human world

“Heart Activation allows the fulfillment of each person’s purpose, first in the realms of Love and as the Arc of the Covenant of grace, and then…as the expression in the world of symbols of whatever it means to that consciousness to fulfill their agreement with God.

“Because this is the case, this Heart Activation will spread in ways that are impossible to describe. Through it all, I am asking you to remain dedicated to being the open heart, the conduit for God.”

From Circle of Light:

For Heart Activation, your permission is needed and your expression of why you personally desire to open your heart. We also request a photograph. This photo is the expression of your persona, the path you chose to live on Earth, the symbol of the challenges you chose to transform in your life here.  You are also requested to close the Circle of Giving by bringing the gift of Heart Activation to others, by sharing with at least five others.

We will be receiving requests for Heart Activation indefinitely, so if you have not yet requested this and you wish to, simply send an email to with the ingredients outlined above.    We hold each of you in deepest Love and thank you for your dedication to God and to bringing Love and only Love to our Earth.

Yael and Doug    ShannaPra  at Circle of Light


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