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Protection and Counting Malas

Malas with 108 beads are used to count the 108 repetitions of certain prayers during the 4 week energy program. Any mala can be used for counting, however these malas have been created with specific crystals for the wearer's protection and emotional healing. When you are in resonance with these stones, the aura is magnified, and the energy centers of the human body are assisted in coming to balance. Strong energy centers and a bright aura protect and repel.

The featured mala is well balanced. The crystals assist you on your journey towards emotional, spiritual, and mental clarity.

This mala is the one that we recommend to most individuals who are on a path of healing. However, if you would like to work with Madeleine individually to create a mala specific to you and your circumstances, she would love to connect with you via email to discuss.

This hand knotted mala has been created with the intention of aiding the healing our emotional and spiritual bodies. Each stone included brings an individual vibration. When worn on the body, we introduce its unique vibration into our electro-magnetic field (our aura). Our interaction with these high vibration stones, stimulate new thought patterns and can help us become aware of tendencies within ourselves we may be unaware of presently. These stones are our allies. This mala has been created with the intention of fostering feelings of protection, grounding, heart-opening, trust, comfort and angelic protection.

The entire Mala is made with healing stones, there are no cheap filler stones.  

Onyx: Root Chakra

Tassle colours can be customised.

Indian Bloodstone (heliotrope): Heart & Root Chakra

Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra

Amazonite: Heart and Throat Chakras

Angelite: Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Snowflake Obsidian: Crown and Root Chakras

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