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Light Energies, and how to work with the Light

As discussed in the previous page all people start off their healing journeys working with the Darkness and sending Dark energies.

It is the process of reincarnation that is the Journey from the Dark to the Light.  

Various sources say, and my Angels confirm, that Jesus took seven lifetimes of reincarnation before he achieved the state of enlightenment known as being Christed.  We remaining Humans have experienced far far more lifetimes than that and are still on the path back to the Light.

The Light knows that Planet Earth is a planet of Duality, a place Dark and Light.  The Light knows that we incarnated specifically on Planet Earth so that we can experience Duality.  

Imagine someone deciding to run a marathon, preparing for it, seeing the growth that will come from running it, and then setting off and facing the very real and arduous challenges of actually running it.  Then suppose a van pulled up and just yanked that someone into it and drove him to the finish line and crossed it with him in the back of the van.  Did that someone actually run the race and gain the growth and benefits that the journey was supposed to bring?  Nope. Not one bit.  For that exact reason the Light does not go around pulling us into their van and delivering us to enlightenment and doing all the work for us.  The Light are the ones on the sidelines giving us encouragement and passing out water bottles and advice, but no more.  It is our race to run.

Free Will is one of the biggest gifts that we were given on our journeys.  The Light will never override your Free Will.  For that reason we always have to ask the Light for help.  Until we do they will observe us and not intervene.  Much suffering by default continues for this reason.  Many people lose their way on the race and circle and circle the block for this reason.

The Dark Beings are the other half of the picture.  They are running along side you with their arm protectively around you, saying “there there everything is alright, you are doing great” as you run around the same block over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.  Earth is a place of duality after all, they too have the right to be here, it wouldn’t be duality without them.

So how do we start to work with the Light?

This is how it is supposed to be.  This is how the Earth was designed.  We are running the race on a course that is challenging and arduous but will bring us the rewards as we proceed along it.  The more we follow these suggestions the fewer wrong turns we'll take and the shorter from this point onward the journey will be.  The one thing that is clear is that we won’t cross the finish line as long as we are still in some way connected, contaminated, or unknowingly working with the Darkness.

I highly recommend that all healers monitor the amount of Darkness that they are working with.  Remember that you started with 100% Darkness and that you are slowly increasing the amount of Light you are working with.  As you increase the amount of Light these number will change for example: 60% Dark & 40% Light, (or 70% Light & 30% Dark) etc.  until you get to 100% Light.  The more Light you have the more accurate your numbers will be. If your answer is 100% Light right out of the gate then you are being tricked, misdirected, lied to, by the Dark and your numbers are mostly Dark still.  You will likely need someone else to tell you your numbers, as long as that someone else is working with a high degree of Light, to avoid being tricked and lied to.

There is only one way to be freed from Darkness, they will always return otherwise, and that is to heal all the root causes for them being there in the first place.  It is by healing all the reasons that Darkness is there that we find our way back to the Light.  Healing Darkness is basically the road map back to the Light.  They are effectively shining the Light on all your separation from God issues as they are taking advantage of each and every one of them.  Heal all your separation from God issues and you will accelerate your return to the Light.

I say daily prayers to be free from all imposters.  They can also come and go so we always have to be on our guard.  I always keep my vibration very high as that is the best protection of all from being tricked, misdirected, or having imposters return.  I say return because until the Darkness is actually removed by healing they can and will find ways to stay with you even in a higher vibration state.  

The Dark is here to stop our return to the Light, and they devote all their energies to that.  The greatest fear the Dark has is that we will start to live in our hearts.  That is the ultimate end to our challenges with Darkness.  It is our ultimate goal, and must be accomplished either in this lifetime or a subsequent one, the choice is yours when you will do this.