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Heart Perception

We have been fooled into thinking that our heads are where we live.  This is a grand deception to keep us from experiencing the Light that we are.  At some point you will decide that it is time to know your Truth, when that time arrives you will want to know how to move your consciousness from your head to your Heart.  Once in your heart you will experience total calm, you will feel the energy flowing in your whole body, and you will experience a totally quiet mind with not a single thought running through it.  Peace, truly.  Here is how you do that.

Important note:  I encourage everyone to try this because the difference between this exercise and others you may have tried before is this one actually moves your consciousness into your Heart Center instead of just being a third party observer of your Heart Center, (ie. just focusing your attention on your Heart Center).  Both have their rewards but at some point the shift to actually being in our Heart has to happen.



At this point you will feel an entirely new sensation.  Your Heart will energetically blossom and your energies will expand very noticeably.  It is not uncommon to need to take a deep breath.  These are good signs that you are on the way to the shift to Heart Perception.

The mind/ego will attempt to kick you out of your Heart, so please don't be surprised to find yourself back in your head again.  At first this will happen within seconds.  Success is dependent on repeating this exercise for days/weeks/months or however long it takes until you can hold yourself in your Heart every minute of every day.  You will find that your mind will try to bring you back into your head with worrying thoughts or stories.  Tempting as it is to linger on those thoughts just recognize them for the attempts at distraction that they are and bring your Light back into your heart.  At some point you will notice that when you are in your heart your mind goes silent, it is like a switch is flipped that silences your thoughts.  If it is your goal to live in the NOW then you will find this shift very helpful.

Ideally shift to your Heart anytime you find yourself having to make a decision, or find yourself in a challenging situation, or are having negative thoughts.  The Heart has all of the wisdom of your brain at its call and also Divine connection to the Light.

Helpful tip:  Try doing this exercise in the bathtub WITH YOUR EARS UNDER WATER.  Listen to your heartbeat under water, relax, and then after a few minutes of relaxing simply let the ball of Light travel to your heart.  I have also found it helpful to do this shift when half asleep...

I have received very positive feedback from people saying that they have experienced all that I describe here.  I have also received feedback from some people that they are having troubles.  I offer my healing services to those who wish to shift to their Hearts and heal any Soul Issues that may be standing in your way.  Soul work will shorten the amount of time that you struggle before you succeed.   

Special note: Circle of Light offers free Heart Activations which is the activation of the spark of the heart center .  You can read about it Here.  I learned Shifting to Heart Perception July 2006 through the messages from Circle Of Light combined with my own day to day experiences.  I conducted two (I think awesome :-) phone-in meditation classes on Heart Perception for COL before my path was redirected back to self healing for a while.  *** Read the COL May 4, 2011 message from God about shifting to your Heart Here.

 Heart perception begins with this feeling of My Love for you and your Love for Me, and right now in this moment no matter what has come before, no matter how many eons it has been buried under the debris of the illusory ideas of the mind, right now your heart opens and is free to accord the song of Love that you are as I see you in all of your magnificence and perfection.

Messages of Love From The Messages from God

2014-11-10 | Circle of Light