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There is one deep truth that can really help you make sense of your World and all the things that are going on in it, and that is that things come up for a reason, and that reason is that they want to be healed.  The follow up truth to that is that if things are not healed the first time something comes up (or shows itself) then it will go around again and reappear again at some future point in your life with the hope that you will heal it then.  And if not, then it will come around again a third time, and a fourth time and so on until you finally heal it and resolve it in your life.

I am here to help you do just that.  Heal and resolve issues so they don't need to come back again.

It could also be that you are a parent and are seeing things appear for your children, or even your spouse, and are aware of what is going on while perhaps they are not.  This is often a difficult place to find yourself, but it does contain many blessings both for you and for your loved ones.  So embrace it and fulfill your role. The Universe has placed you in a position to see this for a reason so that you can act on behalf of others and seek healing for them.

Every single noticeable negative event in our life (events that catch our attention), are rooted and brought about by our Soul's desire to be healthy and whole.  Our Soul does guide us into situations that bring it to our consciousness.  To complete the Soul's goal healing has to take place to heal the Soul so it no longer is guiding us in these directions.  This is why healing is the solution to many of life's problems and issues.  Heal the Soul and the Soul will guide you to newer and better things, goals, relationships, career, or whatever your vision is on.  

Healing our Soul issues is what ultimately brings us Joy, happiness, and Love.  Happiness doesn't just come out of nowhere, it comes from healing our bag of troubles until it gets lighter and lighter, as it gets lighter our happiness increases.  Happiness becomes our natural state.  Lack of happiness is a sign of needing healing.

Here is a partial list of issues that I would be happy to help you with:

Life path issues

Or anything that is bothering you in any way at all.  Remember if it is in your awareness then that means it has come up for healing.

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