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How Do You Know If You Have An Entity?

The Truth About Entity Clearing

Entities are life forms that can have an extremely negative orientation, and usually want to cause harm, pain and suffering. They feed off of your energy, and leave you feeling drained and unsettled.  The need to clear entities has been a long standing problem throughout history. Although there are many excellent healers and shamans who are successful at clearing entities in the short term by “sending them into the Light,” the reality in most situations is that the entities almost always return.

The reason for this is that when an entity is present, there is always an energetic affinity between the person and the entity. This can result from unresolved emotional issues related to present or past lives. This can also result from a weakened emotional state (anger, rage, anxiety, fear, stress) whereby the entity is able to access holes in the Auric field.

Really Strong Entities and How To Recognize Them

I have helped many people whose entire lives have been taken over by really strong entities.  These people no longer have free will and are told what to do by these entities every minute of the day and night.  They typically live lives of isolation, and live in fear and constant anxiety.  Often they are under psychic attack and emotional attack, and threats are made of bad things happening if the entities are not obeyed.  For more click here.

Why My Approach Is So Successful At Clearing Entities

The only way to permanently clear an entity out of your life is to remove the affinity of the entity to your energetic field.

I heal the affinities between the person and the entity so that there are no longer any anchors holding the entity in place. Once the affinities, or reasons why the entities are there, are healed then the entity has no choice but to leave.

I do this remotely, without needing you to participate, and in this way I can work on any person anywhere in the world. By working with the vibration of Love and the Power of the Healing Angels I am able to permanently clear affinities to the entities. Once the affinities are healed, then the entity is taken away by the Angels who work directly with me and does not return.

My success rate is such that I know without a doubt that I will be able to help you.

I charge $400 for entity work, as part of my 4 week Healing Energy Package.  You will receive over 20 hours of healing energies to heal the root cause reasons of your entity issues and remove the entities.



“The Exorcist in the 21st Century”

For the Catholic perspective on Entities and Deposessions


Entity Testimonials

"I wish I had known years ago that it was an entity that was disturbing me, and that a healer as powerful as you was available to turn to."


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