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I am having this conversation with more and more people so it became clear to me that it is time to write how the Dark also heals people and how they can impersonate the Light.  

It is a dangerous assumption to believe that just because healing is going on it must be the Light that is doing it.  Actually that is a false belief.

The truth is that the Dark are more than happy to provide healing to people, often quite dramatically, but with the unstated goal of then hooking into the Soul’s and life paths of those fine healers unknowingly working with them and the people receiving healing.  The Dark Energies feel just as powerful and often very pleasant to the Healer channelling them so this makes the healer totally believe they are working with the Light, and resist the information on this page.

This is the dynamic that is presently going on on planet Earth:  the Lightworkers working to free the Earth and its people of Darkness, and the Darkness simultaneously working to entrap those Lightworkers and the people asking for healing.  Both the Light and the Dark know that it is a mass consciousness shift.  The Light is totally and unequivocally shifting the consciousness of the Planet to the Light and the Dark is resisting it.  Once a certain consciousness level is reached then the Earth and all its life will shift to a higher dimension or Ascension.

Using profound and substantial healing and healing activations as an enticement to Healers and clients, the Dark has been forming a spiderweb of hijacked Souls that are its means of trying to stop the Light.  

Most people have no idea that their Soul has been bound by invisible agreements with the Darkness.  They just continue on with their lives thinking all is well and good.  Until of course they try to remove the Darkness, and then the Darkness makes itself known.

This is and was the exact awakening that I had to free myself from the Darkness that I had unknowingly surrounded myself with.  I have seen it many times since in many of my clients and other healers. For a quick explanation of the Journey from Dark to Light in this context click here.

Here are some common Dark Beings that do healing (with Dark contracts attached) and even impersonate the Light:

The Dark is often able to do profound healing’s and here’s why:

If you don’t know who you are working with and are just doing healing then by default it is the Darkness that you are working with.

If your clients are complaining of feeling cold energies being sent to them, then that could be an indication of working with Dark Energies.

To work with the Light you must be very specific to ask for only Light Beings who are in alignment and ONE with God’s White Light.  For example… Angel’s and Archangels of Light and Love.

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