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Committees and Councils

Committees and councils are the working group which guides us and keeps us on our life plan. We always assume that these are Beings of Light but unfortunately that is not always the case. It is possible to have darkness on there carried over from past lives, including Reptilians and Greys on our committees and councils.

As we progress in consciousness we work our way from the day to the light and the same is true for our committees and councils. They start off dark and become lighter as we become lighter. It is important as we become lighter to ask the Angels to clear and upgrade our committees and councils and in serious cases depossess them. This is especially important with Reptilians and Greys because they have years and lifetimes of permissions, vows, oaths and contracts that allow them to be there, and when told to leave they don’t go willingly.

For those who have been to John of God even one time, that is enough to allow them to be on your committees and councils. What this means in real life is that when you ask your guides a question it may be Reptilians or Greys answering that question. I know very few people want to believe this but when your life is being turned upside down and you’re wondering why nothing is working for you it is likely because your guidance is corrupted.

The more you have been to John of god the stronger that connection is.

This explains why when people ask their guides and committees if they have a Jog/Reptilian/Greys problem the answer is often no. Because the Reptilians and Greys are answering the question. I have found that when these same people who had the “no” start working with me the facade fades and the Reptilians and Greys are then seen as members of that person’s committees and councils. This maybe hard to accept for many and that is the hardest obstacle to overcome, but once people make that  leap then the healing can progress faster.

Leaving these issues unresolved just means that it will be left for another lifetime. Reptilians and Greys follow these connections for each and every lifetime.

I have also found that many healers are not a good source to inquire whether you have Reptilians on your committees and councils as their guides can easily be pushed aside by the Reptilians and Greys who of course will give you the answer that does not reveal them.